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    Product Number: #5053050

    Product Type: Carpet stain & odor remover

    Features: This specially formulated carpet stain remover cleans and degreases stains and spots on carpet. Easily eliminates stains due to oil, tar, grease, ink, lipstick, marking pens, mud and dirt, mustard and ketchup, urine and other pet stains, coffee, tea,vomit,soft drinks,alcohol,blood and numerous other stains. Inverted valve allows for easy treatment of floor surfaces without kneeling, or for easy access to confined spaces. Concentrated stream allows product to be sprayed directly where needed for easy treatment of stains. Leaves a light pleasant scent to deodorize carpet.

    Benefits: Cleans and degreases stains & spots, Concentrated stream, Enzyme fortified, Leaves a light pleasant scent

    Unit Size: 24/14


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